Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reminders of Time Past

While trying to carve out a small space in our closet ( it still needs a lot of help, but I'm getting there) I came across this award.  The frame/box was broken and it was just laying there.  It felt so sad.  All that was given, sacrificed and suffered and this token was just laying broken.  I took hold and repaired it the best I could.  There was no way I was leaving it there, though.  So I had to hang it.  It was the first thing my husband commented on when he came in the door that day...and he had a smile to go with it. 

That year...so hard, so many lessons learned, strength gained,  emotions all over the place and then the reunion.  Delightful.  We've all grown so much since that  time and I am more proud of my husband as the years go on. 

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