Thursday, February 9, 2012

My New Hideaway

Well, I can't hide from much because my sewing area is in the entry of our bedroom, but I can pretend :)  I just got down to getting it together and finding a place for the things that I keep nearby while working on projects.  It's not designer, but it is functional for now.  The cutting board is on top of an old desk which is painted pink so I just covered it with some fabric so that it doesn't catch the eye.  Hopefully one day there will be  real cutting table involved;). 

There's also my bestest Christmas gift there.  My sewing chair.  My mama made it herself.  Well, she bought the chair.  Then she refinished the whole thing and built a storage compartment into the bottom of it.  And she covered the cushion and made the ruffle, in a color that she would only choose for ME.  I love it. I mean I really love it.  I've been asking for one for twenty years.  Yep!  Twenty years.  I've been sewing for a looong time and I've always wanted to "earn" my own sewing chair.  That no one would dare touch.  It's  a love gift..a labor sacrifice...from my Mama.
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