Friday, February 10, 2012

Secret Ingredient

I am pretty sure that not many people I know would guess what this is.  Probably only a handful -and they would be within my own family ;)  These bottles are one of the best gifts around, in my book.  It threw me for a loop recently, too.

I was making bread for my family, which I don't always do, but this day I wanted the smell of "home", OK,  I did not want to have to drive to town to buy another loaf.  SO I went to getting my bread machine ready and found that I had run out of  agave nectar....and honey.  The next thing that caught my eye was this.  I knew it was sweet.  And this bottle was a pretty light variety.  So, in it went.   And  can I just tell you that this bread was Divine!  Just as good as any other loaf.  It smelled terrific and tasted the same.  It worked great for sandwiches and no one knew the difference. And I am delighted that I have plenty of it on hand, since the price of honey and agave is not at its best right now.

I bet you still don't know what it is, do you?

It's old fashioned cane syrup.  Not to be confused with modern day "syrup."  I was raised on this stuff, y'all.  It can't be beat.  I had never tasted "pancake syrup" until I went north on my own.  Honestly.  And this just says 'down home' to me! -and it makes great bread, too.

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