Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Meeting on Friday - The Five Year Old

Yes, the Family Meeting does include Kip.

In a previous post, I mentioned that we went on a different journey this week with our lessons.  We usually pursue various unit studies together as a family.  This year, we were doing a world geography study.  We were doing well with it but seemed to need a bit of a change-up.  So last week, we went all-out CM.  Lots of independant reading, more tales and literature than usual, even music lessons every day.    It went great!!! 

For her part in the Family Meeting on Friday, the Five Year Old (and Kip) narrated, "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," " The Three Little Kittens, " and "The Three Little Pigs".  I do not know when she had that last one read to her, but she must have gotten an older sibling to indulge her.    She also took her turn playing guitar for us ;)

She wasn't feeling well by mid afternoon, so she participated in one game from our Family Math book and then had to head on to bed.  If she had felt up to it, she could have participated in other Fine Arts related activities; but she couldn't make it and had to have a nap.

I think that most little ones love to be the center of attention and tell their stories.  This was a great opportunity for her to begin learning to narrate aloud and she really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lines (Art on Fine Arts Friday)

As I posted before, we tried something totally new recently. We set aside our regular unit study in favor of some more independance through the week and concluding the week with a Family Meeting. During the family meeting each child shared various things, which I will share in another post. This is the art project that we did on Fine Arts Friday (my own element of Family Meeting Friday;) ). I also tried to throw in a little composer study but my CD player is playing dead right now. So, I had to forego that and hope for next week.

This project was on lines. Skills with horizontal, vertical and horizontal lines. They were to divide their sheet into three sections that had to neither be equal nor even in any way. They all pretty much did it that way, though. I guess they get that from me. They then had to use each section to fill however they chose, using horizontal, vertical and horizontal lines. I thought they did a great job. Jenna even asked to do another round, which she did:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I recently had a long time friend over and these were a delightful morning treat. They were so easy to make and quite delicious. The fellowship of a friend who knows my heart was far more comforting, though.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Meeting on Friday

Over the last few weeks of doing our regular unit study, my older children have expressed a desire for more independant work.  So this week I threw them for a loop and worked out a whole new setup for our learning.  I put our unit study to the side and assigned them reading on various subjects.  Some of the reading was from free links on the internet, some from books downloaded to Kindle, and some from some resources that we already own.  I did my own spur-of-the-moment -let's-go-CM-alltheway event.  It turned out fairly nicely, I must say:)  And on Friday, we did a family meeting where each child presented several things that they studied, read, or learned during this week.  Narration has always been a side item here, but I think I am going to put it center stage for a while.  I noticed that a few of my students need a little more help and practice...and they will surely get it!
       One of the things my older two children shared was their guitar lesson this week.  They each played several little songs that they learned using the beginning chords that they have been taught.  No, I am not a guitar teacher.  I don't even play it and my children don't take professional lessons.  My sister, father-in-law and whomever else along the way who knows something has showed them a few chords to get started.  Then, Dana asked for a lesson book for Christmas.  And she got it!! It also includes DVD and CD that goes through each lesson.  She is sharing it with her brother and they are helping each other.  They never ask me if they're doing it right...they can just listen to the CD to find that out. 

P.S. I think the fuzzy leopard slippers give this gig just the right touch, don't you?? ;)

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