Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Look Back: February 2010

I couldn't find any pictures labeled February 2011.  Seriously???  Did I not take a single picture in February last year?  Surely I did.  There was Valentine's day and our anniversary in Feb.  There must be a picture that was snapped sometime that month?  Was my camera down?  I have no idea and cannot remember anything significant with down times.  So, I found myself going back even further to take a look back.  This was significant!  My first blizzard.  I am born and raised in south Georgia.  Of course this was my first blizzard.  And it was a doozy!    And there was another a few weeks later.
Take a look at our deck:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sounds of Love

I cannot begin to describe the annoyance the creaking sound of this rocker makes.  Nervewracking, really.  No matter how tempted I am to involuntarily rock once my body relaxes in a rocker, I cannot force myself to do it in this one.  This rocker is not pretty.  No one in the house claims it as his favorite.  But the sounds that come from it come with love.

I sit and read to my littles in this chair, as many have done along the way.  As a child, I loved to twirl this rocker around in circles, knowing that my grandmother was going to get on to me-and good .  Many children have read and been read to in this chair.  My own children try to twirl it, but not so much anymore as it won't give much.

This chair is upholstered in a itchy wool plaid fabric.  Itchiness worsening with age.  So, I happened upon some heavy duty denim and did my own job of recovering it so as to recover the lovely moments with my little blessings as it had given others.

There are chips, scrapes, scratches and the crookity-ness when it even tries to rock.  This is no sight to behold.


The infants rocked in this chair....more than two handfuls, I believe...and entire generation.
The stories read in this chair.....classics repeated over and again.
The fabric of this chair.....handpicked to please the one who loved greatly from its fibers
The arms of this chair wrap my grandmother's love around me gently once again.
The rhythms of this chair rocking soothe like the beating of a mother's heart next to her baby's chest.
The sounds that come from this well.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Math Tools

My first post on my simple math tools is here, if you want to see another nifty manipulative I use. 
I frequent my local Dollar Tree for little stuffs for my homeschool.  I try to think outside the box whenever I can.  Here, we use a simple chalkboard that came with some kit or another and some $1 dominoes.  This is what I did today, but you could work up to it if you are working with younger children than mine.
1.  Choose a domino (eyes closed, child or adult.
2. Child counts the dots on it.  (As they get older, they will be able to identify visually more quickly)
3.  Mom writes number on chalkboard-two or three times slowly-child watches.
4. Child traces Mom's writing.
5. Child creates own writing. 

* Same could be done with letter tiles/Scrabble pieces that are lying around or at yard sales, etc..

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Just Another Day at Homeschool

Another reason we love homeschooling....just hanging out together.   We are loving our new (to us) house.  It has been two months and we just love living out in the country.  Up these stairs is our little game room.  All living quarters are on one leve.  Upstairs is optional (my body is soo glad!)..and only for game time...or DATE NIGHT!  That's where we send the kiddos when we call a date night....and we have one coming up this weekend.  Woo Hooo!  We get excited about uninterrupted conversations around here :)