Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Math Tools

My first post on my simple math tools is here, if you want to see another nifty manipulative I use. 
I frequent my local Dollar Tree for little stuffs for my homeschool.  I try to think outside the box whenever I can.  Here, we use a simple chalkboard that came with some kit or another and some $1 dominoes.  This is what I did today, but you could work up to it if you are working with younger children than mine.
1.  Choose a domino (eyes closed, child or adult.
2. Child counts the dots on it.  (As they get older, they will be able to identify visually more quickly)
3.  Mom writes number on chalkboard-two or three times slowly-child watches.
4. Child traces Mom's writing.
5. Child creates own writing. 

* Same could be done with letter tiles/Scrabble pieces that are lying around or at yard sales, etc..

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