Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How Young is Too Young to Train Our Daughters to be Homemakers?

I have owned this (as well as the companion boys' book) for a few years now.  I haven't used it as much as I hoped I would have by now, but I keep at it.  I read through topics here and there to keep things fresh in my mind regarding training up our daughters.  It does mention in this book that the earlier items in each chapter are for the younger and then they increase in appropriateness with age.    This seems to be true.

  I wondered today how young is too young to train our daughters to be homemakers?  Is it when they are able to handle tools with safety?  Is it when they can actually get the clothes to stay onto the hanger?  Or what about when they are able to organize a menu and shopping list fairly regularly?   

Oh, I know!  It must be when a young lady looks like she's ready for work and training and is strong enough.    No.  Maybe it will work when she keeps a budget and is responsible for her schedule and much of her own education. 

The longer I am in this role, the more I am convinced that being a homemaker has less to do with the tasks at hand and more to do with my heart.  A house is a building.  We would all like for it to be clean most of the time.  The 'home' of our hearts is more important, though, so that we provide a  welcoming temperament for the Holy Spirit to take up residence. ?  Just my own questions for myself.....I'm just thinking out loud here..but I think that my daughters' future homes depend on what I live out for them.  And that begins with the state of my heart.

Am I training them in the tasks they need in a purposeful manner? Do they feel encouraged and uplifted in their endeavors?  Do I honor their efforts and gently guide them in corrections (not always).   Is their work appreciated when they've done it with a  good attitude?  Are they seeking wisdom?  How is their spiritual life going?  Am I modeling what I desire to see reflected?

This is one of my Intentional areas this year..making a lovely home..inside my heart and beyond.