Thursday, May 6, 2010

Schedules – They Make Me Happy! – Summer Edition

As warm weather becomes the rule and we're packing away the coats, most of us have our eyes focused on the freedom of the summer break. Surely there are many fond memories of the lazy days of summer we all spent writing letters to our school friends, finding ways to get together, planning the tons of fun we were in for on the family vacation and the list continues. By the time fall is beginning to signal its arrival, we are yearning for the structure and discipline of our old routines. They make us feel productive and give us boundaries.
    In my opinion, it is just as helpful to have a summer schedule in place so that we don't get so far off track that we struggle trying to get back into a groove when the time comes. So, I have come with a plan for our family for the summer. There is lots of space for flexibility or just throwing the whole thing out the window – once in a while! It will give us a few boundaries and we are sure to at least work the few projects that we have planned into our summer vacation. There is a week of travel planned, plenty of trips to the pool, playdates, VBS, and other things going on. But for the days at home, this is a rough idea of what works for us.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Planning for Next Year, Part 1

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Now that I've given you a list of resources that I plan to use next year, we'll move on to the big question: HOW??
  First, we do have a system.  We must have a system. It is a modified version of the workbox system.  Also, we have a general routine for our day (MOTH).  The day is not over if things do not get done on time or in order.  When interrupted, we just pick up where we are and move on with the day.  It's not to get uptight over, it merely keeps us all on track.  I will elaborate on that later. Each family should use the tools which work best for them, so long as they create order.
 Next, I have to choose priorities.  Not just all the things that would be 'good' to do in school, or as a Christian, or what a 'good Mommy would do.'  I try very hard to choose the things that the Lord has impressed to me are  best for our family and concentrate on doing them and doing them well and doing them first.  All else comes afterward.  For us, Bible study and prayer time and relationships within our home are top on the list. Housework sometimes slides. Chores may have to be carried over. But walking in love and resolving whatever issues come our way-those are the things that are in the forefront.
Finally, we have the other stuff.  Chores, fun, family times, working together on projects and plenty of other things that make this a wonderful family of which to be a part!  This is one of the reasons why we homeschool.  We like our family – each member is a blessing from God!  We enjoy our time together.  We work together and play together and learn together.  It works for us.
Stay tuned, we will go step by step and put it all together and be peaceful and ready when the new school year comes around!