Friday, January 27, 2012

Math Tool

Math has always been one of my least favorite subjects...except for maybe geometry, since quilting is all about geometry...yes! geometry is math and I love it...but "other" math-not so much.  But, with three children already under my belt, I felt that I could easily skip out on "formal" math for K since I kinda know what to expect.  So, here is a peek at one of my new found tools :)

These small magnets are pretty strong and there are 50 or so in a pack. (Yes, they are a choking hazard!!)  I used them with an old baking pan to do various activities on the preschool level.  Sorting, colors, etc.  Now we do counting, using them to make numbers, patterns, etc...the possibilities are endless. AND!  They stay on the fridge so they don't need their own space in the learning room:) That's one of the best parts of all!

Here are some things that come to mind right off:
*Create letter shapes, eventually spell short words with them
*Use them for addition/subtraction problems (ex.:  two green plus two yellow and let them count it up).
*Create shapes
*Sort colors
*Fraction usage (using contrasting colors at first then moving toward all one color would be helpful in determining fractions)
*They could also make their own "star chart" if you use that type of thing for reward/motivational purposes.
*Create number shapes, counting exercises

There are endless possibilities with these little doo-dads! They are one of my favorite inexpensive teaching tools.

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