Monday, January 23, 2012

Kids Got My Camera! : New House

Welcome to another installment of Kids Got My Camera!  This is where I go to download pictures from my camera for whatever reason, and discover that my kids got my camera.  They have quite the fascination with taking goofy pictures of themselves.  It could also involve their feet and toes.  I have no idea why that is soo hilarious to them??  Anyway, it is what it is!!!!  So these are the special gifts that they left for me this time. 
You might find some funny ones here and here as well :)
For the first time in our new house:

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  1. thanks for stopping by my Charlotte Mason blog and I am happy you are able to find some useful things to try out :) I will have to stroll thru your blog too-love finding new ones to visit. :) Blessings


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