Friday, March 4, 2011

Sorting It Out in the Bathroom

I am sure that next to laundry, bathroom duty is my least favorite job.  But there is something therapeutic about getting down on your hands and knees in the place where all the cleaning takes place and actually cleaning that place, too.  I have high hopes for our bathrooms...I have paint colors chosen, just purchased a few more rugs for the kids' bathroom and already have a cute shower curtain.  Enter the four precious souls who share this zone and you have the epic nonsensenical battles of who put what where, who did the handprints, why someone misplaced someone else's toothbrush, no one knows how on earth the whole roll of TP got into the trash can and despite the fresh hand towel there is water slung onto every surface. 

I am getting to the bottom of it one step at a time.  The first step is the most important in the hygiene arena--the toothbrush problem.  This little gadget has become our best friend.  The toothpast rests nicely on top so there's no fumbling.  There are four perfect slots of toothbrushes and we just happen to have four precious children, so that works out nicely.  This keeps them off the countertop and out of easy reach of little ones.  The littlest one usually has a helper to assist with toothbrush time. 

You will also notice the container of wipes on the cabinet.  That is for the bathroom cleaner.  Each child has his/her own jurisdictions to attend to daily.

Next, the problem of  "I didn't throw it down there", when asked to pick up towels/washcloths.  I found (on clearance) these hooks that do not leave marks on the wall when removed.  They hold up to 3 lbs each, which is plenty for a towel and washcloth. My children thought it was great that they each got to choose their own color towels.  What a wonderful Mom I am!!  Yes, there is only one each.  They are to wash their towel when they wash their laundry on their day (more on that in another post).   My children are old enough to take responsibility for that.   I was sure to hang the hooks for the smaller children lower so that they can actually reach the level of the hook.

This method has eliminated the fussing back and forth about who didn't clean their towels up behind themselves and who put which towel where after bathtimes. I am soo thankful the Lord dropped this idea into my mind.  I may have even read it somewhere, but if so, the Lord brought it to my remembrance and it has been a blessing!

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