Monday, October 25, 2010

TOS Review: Download 'N' Go: Terrific Tigers Review and Giveaway


Terrific Tigers: The study is in e-book format and very simple to use. The only preparation required is to search out optional library books to read along during the week for enrichment. This already contains indepth studies in every subject in this lineup:

Day 1: What Is a Tiger?

Day 2: Getting to Know Tigers

Day 3: Where Are the Tigers

Day 4: The Science of Tigers

Day 5: Cool Things About Tigers


I used this study with my four children, ages 10, 8, 7, 4. Although it is recommended for K-4, I found that my 5th grader did quite well with the study presenting it as-is.


We went at this with just the unit provided. We live in a small town and a search of the library yielded very limited results for us. We learned so much just doing the study alone with none of the read-along type extras. It was more than enough! I find in doing these DNG units that I don't really need extras. Amanda has done all of that for me and that's the simple beauty of these studies.

I gather my children round the computer and we read through them, taking one activity at a time.  Also, to save a little money, I just keep the e-book saved on a flash drive and do not print out the entire book.  I only print out the activity pages.  For those who lapbook, the components are linked within the book and are found at the end of the study.


Download 'N' Go Terrific Tigers is chock full of great stuff on tigers.  The graphics are stunning and the links are captivating--at least to my nature loving sons. The audios included were fantastic!  We played them over and over and were amazed by the facts we learned in this study.   When we measured it out, they were shocked by the true size of these animals, versus what the children imagined that they looked like.  We never had any luck getting a peek at the live webcam of the tigers,  but we were intrigued by all that we learned about  tigers and the Creator of such an impressive animal. 
    I appreciated that this is a complete study, with all of the subject areas covered nicely.   There wasn't anything for me to add in or have to pull together to supplement.  Download 'N' Go studies make it effortless to inspire my children and feel confident that they are learning.

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I have been provided one free copy of the Terrific Tigers Download 'N' Go to give away free to one of my readers!! To enter, leave me a comment and provide a contact email so that I can let you know if you're my winner!!!!!

Disclaimer: A copy of this unit study was provided for my use in exchange for an honest review.

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