Wednesday, October 6, 2010



 I found this post lingering in my drafts and it served as a great reminder for me today:

  Home.  It just feels good when you come in, doesn't it?  It doesn't matter where you've been, it always feels good to be home.  Home is where it all happens.  The nurturing, the caring, the learning, the disagreeing, the laughter are all things we love about home. For most who are reading this blog, it is home base for educational purposes.  Yes, we are inspired by others in our lives and communities.  We are encouraged by our groups and various events that we attend.  It  even feels great to go and be refreshed at a church gathering.  We are made to desire relationships.
     It is vitally important  that we evaluate the outside activities on which we expend our time and  energy .  If we are always out running all over doing all things, we are not able to accomplish the very thing that we set out to do.  Train our children up, teach them at home by the way we live.  We will instead, develop an appetite for the  admiration we receive for being "Supermom". The appetite that is fed is the one that grows, whether it is for things that are wholesome or for our detriment. We are then depended upon and expected to fulfill all sorts of other roles.   If we are not careful, this can give rise to the spirit of discontentment, comparison, even envy and fatigue.
    Ministry can seem a noble cause to an at-home mother.  She may feel that she can do that alongside being wife, homekeeper, mother and teacher.  After all, she can just take the children along with her and be more things to more people. I am all for letting our children work and minister alongside us.  That is training them up.  I am referring to times when many priorities are set aside for the sake of 'ministry', when the" first church" is not necessarily receiving the top slot. If there are times when a mom is out teaching classes for co-op or Bible study and she hasn't been diligent to pray and teach her  children from God's word in her home all week.  Co-op really isn't that important if her first set of students are behind or inconsistent in their lessons or are in need of extra help in some subjects.    We need to make sure that the ministry that is going on is that which is in alignment with the will of God for our families. 
    I'd like to further elaborate further but this post is getting long.  I will try to post again in the future with more of my thoughts on this subject.

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