Monday, November 1, 2010

Molly’s Money Saving Digest - November

The November, 2010 issue of Molly's Money Saving Digest, was just in time to get my wheels turning about the important things of the holiday season. I am already in thinking and planning mode so that my family has a rich holiday season. Many of the articles and helpful hints had not even crossed my mind yet for this year. But, they are a gentle reminder to me of how to create a festive atmosphere in my home and in my heart.
For my kitchen, there were wonderful recipes, complete with the shopping list to go with them (can you say, timesaver!) If you are new or interested in freezer cooking, there's a dash of that thrown in, too. It isn't all about me, though. I was encouraged with all the information on manners and etiquette for children. Place settings and being a gracious, welcomed guest don't come easy to our little ones. We have to train them in this, too. I do not know if my children will attend a formal dinner party this season, but they can be attend right here at home. Tea time would be a great time to work on this, I think. To invite my family to my table and see their hearts and eyes gleaming with celebratory peace this season.
I am a list person and enjoy organization. Lots of things in this issue called out to me. As many homeschooling mothers would be, the list of important dates to remember this month inspired me to think about potential unit study ideas. And the poem on the first few pages stood out to me as potential copywork and/or memorization exercise right at my fingertips. But, I can't help myself with those types of things, they just come to mind without my giving permission. There is also plenty of organization, decluttering and other ideas that make it so easy to take the lead in creating a masterful celebration of the seasons approaching. I tried my hand at beautifying my table:

(Disclaimer: I inherited none of the interior decorating gene)
Yes, there's financial encouragement and frugal ideas abound. There are plenty of inks and ideas. However, I felt the most value was in turning my heart and hands' work toward my home and those within the walls. It helped me to think of the many things I file away in my "to do" folder in my mind. Molly was a reminder to bring them forth for my family to join in with me to celebrate this time of this year.

I was provided the November 2010 issue of Molly's Money-Saving Digest, in exchange for my review.

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