Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Essential Oil Uses : Fluid in Ears

The last few days, several around the place have been having "junk" in there. Throats. Ears. Chest. Sinuses. Whatever it is, we've got junk in it. I try, whenever possible, to work out treatment of minor issues at home. We have great medical coverage in the event we need it. When my 7 yr old said her ear felt "heavy" and like it had water in it, I assumed it was just some fluid since she hadn't had any pain at all. She did have a low grade fever, but she is prone to them and it isn't alarming with this child. I used a few drops of an essential oil blend along with a few drops of olive oil lightly massaged behind the ear. Three times yesterday I did this , along with pushing water and lots of rest. This morning, she beat me up and was ready to go out to play. No fever. She says there is a little fluid in there but not much. She's at about 95% today. And that makes this mama's heart

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