Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Bag with Chicks

One of the first forms of support I found in my homeschooling journey was the message board at Five in a Row . I love the ladies there. :)  I've found much support, help, advice and prayers there.  The community at FIAR just can't be beat!  One of the most inspiring ladies I've met there is Paige Hamilton.  When I first chatted with her, she was a military wife and had lived in my hometown during her husband's time at the military base.  Since then, she's been through much....hard knocks , good times, scary moments and some very inspiring days as well.  I love reading her writing and hope that she continues to inspire us all by following the dreams God has put on her heart. Paige Hamilton's blog can be found here.

She recently shared that she received a scholarship to a writer's conference coming up this summer.  And now she just needs to come up with the money for her travel and associated expenses.  Times are tight for All of us, I know.  And I'd love to lay out the cash to just bless her with and it would bless my heart  to see her follow that dream.  I don't have that ability...I can only do what I can do.  I sew.  I love to sew.  These are a few of the spring projects I've been working on at my sewing table.  They aren't extravagant but they give me a creative outlet. 

So, for auction today, in support of Paige I am offering my spring chicks and this fabric tote bag.
The tote is made of three layers of cotton fabric and will get the "shaggy" look along the edges when washed.  The bottom is made of two layers of denim, to withstand being dragged around by children ;) .  It's just a simple library type tote bag in beautiful spring colors.  The chicks are just a cute project I made with some fabric pieces in my stash..I just thought they were a cute spring addition to a little basket around the house:)   
If you need a new tote, please bid and all the proceeds will go to Paige's travel fund:)  If you don't need a tote and you'd like to bid on it to send to someone else, feel free and I will ship it to the recipient of your choice.

Please use comments section to bid.  :) Bidding ends Friday, April 6, 2012.

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