Saturday, February 18, 2012

Five in a Row ~ Miss Rumphius Day 1

We are FIARowing the book Miss Rumphius this week.  I chose this book since we are doing a lot with seeds and planting right now.  Spring has made an early arrival and we are down to business.

Day 1
Read book and discussed location of story disk.  Ds placed it and did well identifying directions.
We discussed routine and made and hung our charts to establish a good routine. Checked off today's activities so far....
Dd12 read Jack and the Beanstalk to youngers as I prepared lunch.(I like to add a little CM ~tales)
Ds took some time after lunch/play to explain plant life from the pages of  Usborne Science Encyclopedia.

I like to allow the older children to "teach" some things.  They get so excited to share with their siblings.  And opportunities for leadership, patience, understanding and caring abound.  Also, the youngers learn to learn from others.

This was one day's lessons using FIAR.  It is not the same for all families.

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