Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tie dye projects

We recently participated in an American Girl Co-Op with one of our local homeschool groups--at least the girls did--the boys were in misery.  The girl this time was Julie.  She was born in my era; however, I did not participate in activities such as the discos.  Of course, tie dye was all the rage during many of my growing up years.  I had never actually done it , though.  So, this was fun for us all.  The scarf on the left is Dana's and the one on the right was Jenna's.  They are now wearing them on their heads bandana style and it is soo cute.  Jenna is still just 5 and is not a full time participant in many of the activities but she was adamant  about doing this one.  They also made friendship bracelets, talked about women coming into equality in many arenas, a few more activities and  topped it off with butterfly cupcakes.  It was a fun time!

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