Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teaching Art

You don't have to love art, have a degree in art or even know what you're doing to teach art for your children.  This is a great resource to help you out with the techinal issues of teaching art up to 6th grade.  We have children ages 4-11 and all participate and do well with this. 
 The lesson I'm including in this post is on form.  The children were to use clay (we used homemade play-doh) to make solid forms ( and meanwhile, learn their names).  So, here we have our handshaped pyramids, cubes, spheres and boxes.

 Another wonderful thing about this resource is that it gives you wonderful color pictures of what the end product should look like (in case yours should fail). 
 And, on this rainy day, this activity lead into other "creative" play-doh play, like the beheaded gingerbread man you see below.  Free time to create is just as important as guided time, in my opinion. 

So, if art is an area you struggle in, this resource makes it very easy  and you feel like you actually "taught" art :).

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