Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Reconciliation - the process of making consistent or compatible.
My wonderful, hard-working husband works the evening shift and so I lead devotion time with my children before bed. Some nights are quick and easy and they're off to bed in a flash. Tonight has not been such a night. But I am oh-so-thankful! The Lord showed Himself mighty tonight. Having absolutely nothing to do with the devotional book that we use this night, we spent over half an hour in reconciliation time. We go through the catechism using the devotional book mentioned here. I've been inconsistent in using this resource and have bounced around a bit but will keep it up for the sake of consistency for a while. If we don't find ourselves having further discussion on the material in the day's reading, we move into encouragement and reconciliation.

During encouragement time, each child is to look to the person beside him and encourage or compliment three or more attributes of that person. Most of the time there are giggles, great big smiles and even a little embarrassment. There are comments on talents, abilities, physical features and just lots of love going around during this time. Mom is included in this time. I am always interested to hear what they say about me. There is not a lot of hesitancy in the words of our little ones J

Next is reconciliation time. We take the down time to make anything right with someone anything for which we feel we need to ask forgiveness. It is becoming a more open and honest time. Sometimes, the other person has no idea that the offender has thought or felt the emotion or thought for which they are asking forgiveness. Other times, there was a clear and verbal/physical spat that will bring obvious acknowledgement. Again, Mom is not immune. I get frustrated, impatient, rude or otherwise unloving and must be reconciled as well.

It is the latter about which I am writing tonight. This was such a sweet time this evening as the Holy Spirit prompted an unusually wonderful number of confessions. Some even taking place years ago-thoughts that were never revealed, words murmured, hateful attitudes, and the list goes on. The tenderness in the hearts of my young ones was palpable and so precious to my heart this evening. I am so thankful that He has been faithful to help make our family more consistent and compatible. I have heard my children voice their recognition of wisdom brought about by discipline and teaching in their lives. I am sure that we are all coming into better focus as we head toward our family's vision of training up children who will love the Lord and serve Him alone. I will have to keep details among family since they are so close to our hearts and we must be painstakingly cautious with their trust. But I would encourage you, if you don't include these things in your family devotional time, that you are missing out on many, many blessings in your family.

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