Sunday, August 1, 2010

One of My Favorite Memories

from childhood is VBS during summer vacation.  I was always sooo excited.  I actually enjoyed the week of structured activities in the middle of the carefree-ness of summer.  I loved the whole thing: chapel, saying the pledges, learning the songs, the crafts, snacks and even the hokey presentation for the entire church at the end of the week.  I loved it all!!!   And now my kids do, too!!

Four days last week, from 9-12, my children were at VBS having a blast.  And making memories.  This was the first year that they were all eligible.  And the last. Next year, my oldest will no longer be eligible.  So, I guess you're wondering what I did with myself.  I cleaned one day.  Two days I shopped.  One day I went to the library.  I had a great time, but I'm really, really glad they did, too.  The end of the week pool party was another treat.  My daughter got a chance to chat with another  homeschooler that she didn't speak to all week, and found a friend.  They've already emailed and chatted on the phone since then.  I love it.  I pray regularly that my children will will have good friends wherever we are. That is a blessing to my mama-heart.

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