Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Planning for Next Year Part 4 - 3rd grade

This year is going to be so much fun!  I hope :)  I am planning for all of my children to become a little more independant in their studies, according to their abilities.  Really, I am hoping that they will come up with some iniative of their own.  My 3rd grader is pretty strong in the area of math and is a good reader (not to be confused with those who actually enjoy the reading part, but he is  a strong reader).  Narration needs more practice as well has handwriting and spelling.  I have mixed and matched some things to come up with this plan for him:
Math: Abeka workbook only (no need for tests with all that review, in my opinion)
Christian Liberty Reader: History Stories for Children for practice in narration
A Reason for Handwriting-a very simple way to teach cursive
Language:  Abeka Workbook only
Spelling:  hybrid b/t and Spelling Power (more on this method later)
History:  Group studies:  Guest Hollow (see review here)
Science:  This kid looooves the outdoors, but he will have to do a smidge of  'work' in this area, usually with a unit study with his siblings and some experiments from various resources
Art:  How to Teach Art to Children (group setting as well)
Music:  Keyboard continuing slowly in this
P.E.  Flag Football in the fall, we'll see what else might come along when the time comes

I am interested in what other 3rd grade boys do...please share.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this!

    It looks like you and I have similar styles...

    For my 3rd grade son, we are doing the following:

    A.C.E. program for Social Studies & Science

    Italic handwriting: &

    Christian Liberty Reader: History Stories for Children

    He will continue w/weekly Art Lessons in Strasburg.

    Continue to work in his Nature Journal.

    An abundance of reading lots of of living (CM friendly) books w/mommy (not an independent reader yet, and I do not push phonics).

    Spelling program is through school zone (I think that's the name of it) - a software program w/picked up at the Apple Store last year.

    Lots of lapbooking, notebooking, & unit studies.

    Still not sure what we're doing for Math... but think it will either be via A.C.E. or Singapore.

    Phew, I'm tired already just writing it all out, lol! :)


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