Thursday, May 7, 2015

Which Essential Oil to Use for Chest Congestion and Cough

Just when I thought I'd made it through this year's Spring with NO allergies, something bloomed late! As in, May late.  In my neck of the woods, allergies start up around mid-February and I'm usually out of commission for several weeks.  I suffer sinus irritation, watery eyes, post nasal drip, nasal congestion, chest congestion a result of it All....cough.  Wow!!  I'm usually a mess by now.  I cannot take OTC allergy medications (neither would I want to).  They usually make me so sleepy that even the children's version knock me out for 1-2 days.  I know, I'm sensitive like that. 

Enter essential oils.  I've been using essential oils trying to meet some basic needs throughout the last few years.   I've also perfected the art of the neti pot.  So, sinuses got flushed and various oils diffused and inhaled.  It's now  the leftover congestion  that's got me hung up.   This time, I'm trying something I've never tried before.  Frankincense.  I thought it was just a specialty item in Bible times.  Seriously.  I read up on it and it is actually an expectorant and is antiseptic in nature as well as an immune stimulant.  I need all those.  

Here's to the Bible stories coming to life, right? LOL  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Middle School Years: Lower Your Voice

We have been a homeschooling family for 10 years. If you quickly calculated it, you know that we now have teenagers. And that journey is taking us to all sorts of different places.  But before you get on that road, there's the onramp.  The middle school years.  Oh my..... I do have to confess that I was warned.  But there were some aspects of the middle school years that I didn't even see coming.

It seems that during those times when adolescents begin to decide who they are and what they believe, they want to hear less of us telling them anything. Anything at all.  Even just what time the clock says!  That might (or might not) be a slight exaggeration.  But the point is, they wanna start doing some of the talking.  They make declarations.  They ask the questions, and they just want the answer without parental analysis.    This is their time.  For deciding which direction they are thinking of heading. There could be changes down the road a bit, but they're getting on that ramp and accelorating with purpose.  Mindsets are solidfying in some basic areas during these years and this is where we come in.  And it's the hard part.

Lower your voice.

Your young person doesn't want to hear his business come from a friend's mouth.  He doesn't want (too much) posted online. She's very picky about how she looked in a recent picture.  She doesn't want her business made into a blog post.  It's not cute anymore.  He may not be proud that he's homeschooled.  She may feel unsure if she's on grade level with peers.  He may feel awkward developmentally.  Or, none of these may be true.  But this is the time to begin respecting their privacy as young adults, which will get you immensely further than blurting it all out because you're "just sayin' " (as they would say).  The rules don't apply.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Seed Time!!!!

At least in the deep south. This time of year marks Tue beginning of gardening endeavors. We bought 50 lbs of seed potatoes and are hoping for a better harvest this year. Last year we bought the same amount but too much rain in the spring ended our season. The potatoes still came up but the harvest was pathetic. Our wonderful neighbor, Mr L allowed us to dig from the plentiful harvest that he had. We canned a ton of potatoes and just finished the last jar last week. I was wanting to use the potatoes up, so I tried using the canned potatoes for potato salad. Bet you can't imagine doing that! But I tell you, it turned out pretty good for potato salad in the winter and not at a picnic or barbecue. They were not as good as fresh, but they sure beat store bought. Scared to try canned potatoes and potato salad? Just give it a shot. You will be able to tell the difference but the satisfaction
of using your canned potatoes in something as delicious as potato salad will beat that out every time. So, here we go on a new season of gardening and our first endeavor is always potatoes. We live in an area where the soil is perfect for them. Here goes!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ACV: A Friend With Many Uses

There have been many benefits to ACV touted in the news on the natural front. My most recent discovery in relation to its uses involves urinary symptoms. I wasn't tested at a doctor's office, but let's face it, a girl usually knows what's up when one shows up. I drink about 2-3 tablespoons 2-3 times a day for several days. Just dilute it in water, which helps the issue too, by the way. The pain disappears almost immediately. I keep it up for at least 3-4 days. By then, I think there has been enough time to clear out most of my system. Try it next time-- it's not as bad as you think. Really. Let me know if you do.

Just so ya know, I usually use Bragg's but the store I was in was out of it and I didn't want to go store hoppin' so this is what I ended up with ;)

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Sounds of Spring


       From across the way, I hear it coming.  The constant hum.  The up-and-down.  The turn-around. Pause. And then on his way again.  It's my wonderful neighbor turning under the soil for the first time this year.          I look forward to hearing it each time.  More than the last, it seems.

  This year, our parts even saw snow and sleet which has only happened once in my lifetime before.

All this has to mean spring is on it's way, right?????   

This also means our little plot on our property is ready too!!  He usually plows ours for us and we are soo grateful

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spring Awakens ?? Seedlings

Already?? Wow. It's barely February. Okay. I guess. Whatever. Hope Old Man Winter killed enough mosquitoes off that we aren't taken away by spring. My spinach seedlings are peeking through. I'm giddy with these first green signs of warmer weather. I have them beside my kitchen door so that I can easily tear off leaves to use in my cooking. Same with my herbs. I also have lettuce here. I'll post pictures as things come alive.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Essential Oil Uses : Fluid in Ears

The last few days, several around the place have been having "junk" in there. Throats. Ears. Chest. Sinuses. Whatever it is, we've got junk in it. I try, whenever possible, to work out treatment of minor issues at home. We have great medical coverage in the event we need it. When my 7 yr old said her ear felt "heavy" and like it had water in it, I assumed it was just some fluid since she hadn't had any pain at all. She did have a low grade fever, but she is prone to them and it isn't alarming with this child. I used a few drops of an essential oil blend along with a few drops of olive oil lightly massaged behind the ear. Three times yesterday I did this , along with pushing water and lots of rest. This morning, she beat me up and was ready to go out to play. No fever. She says there is a little fluid in there but not much. She's at about 95% today. And that makes this mama's heart