Saturday, July 17, 2010

Doorposts Plants/Cornerstone Co-ed Version Part 2

In my quest to study through the Doorposts books for young ladies and young men, I have decided to try it co-ed style for now.  Here is a little more about our week with the topic of Prayer. If you missed the first 2 days on Prayer, you can find them here.

Day 3:  Read through a few more of the listed Scriptures. I printed out a picture and a short biography of a missionary.  We talked about what their needs were as well as things that weren't mentioned for which we could pray.    We, once again, worked on memorizing the Lord's Prayer several times.  Also, we created a weekly prayer rotation.  For example, praying for our government leaders on Monday, our church and its leaders on Tuesday, etc...  I think this keeps the focus on praying and loving and serving others and helps with Me Syndrome. 

Day 4: We read through a few more of the suggested Scriptures (each topic has a very generous list of Scriptures for study, copying and memorizing).  In our time, I have had one person (of reading ability) look up a Scripture and read it aloud and that verse(s) will serve as that child's copywork.
Worked further on memorizing the Lord's Prayer.   Discussion topic today is Why pray??
We prayed using the two lists we have previously created during this study.

Day 5:  Again, each child finding and reading aloud  a Scripture from the list.  Also, working on memory work for this week.  Today, we discussed praying for our future: future spouses, children, jobs, endeavors of all kinds, ministry, just our life path in general.  I had the children write a prayer for their future, targeting some of those specific areas and encouraged them to keep it handy to remind them that there is no such thing as too early to start praying about the days ahead.

This is the conclusion of our week with the topic of prayer from the Doorposts products.  We have not, by any means, completed all of the activites available.  They are intended to be presented as a "buffet" (I think that's how Mrs. Forster describes it).  We are to choose the items that most suit  us and use them.  These are the activities we have chosen but you will find many, many more in the handbooks themselves at .   This is in no way a paid review or anything even close to it.  It's just my ideas on how to best use these tools for our family and I am just sharing it as I would if you were sitting in my home.  I love the tools offered by the Doorposts company and they have been a huge blessing in our home !!!
Update:  This was a neat, tidy post with great ideas for the perfect week.  We did not accomplish everything perfectly....those were MY plans...the Lord had other plans, but they all work out for the Good, right??

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