Monday, July 12, 2010

More Math

Practice and review.  Practice and review. They are my mantras around here for math.  I have children who "get" math and those who do not.  But, no one is exempt from a little practice and review.  One way I get my children to practice facts is with these foam blocks.  You can purchase them (mine were under $2.00 each at a teacher store)  with the domino-style dots already on them or, buy them completely blank.  I have done both.  On the blank blocks, I use a permanent pen/marker and label with the written numerals on all the sides.  Both ways are good practice!    Currently, I have a child who is learning addition facts.  So, he will take the blocks and toss/drop/shoot/pass (notice I said he) the blocks onto the floor.  Using the numbers facing upward, he is to add them and call out the answer.  Sometimes the child practicing will be assigned an older sibling to verify correct answers if I am helping another child.  Either way, it helps relieve a little of the sit-still-itchies for little ones who can always use a little practice and review in math.

Please, share some of the ways you make math a little more fun.

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