Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lines (Art on Fine Arts Friday)

As I posted before, we tried something totally new recently. We set aside our regular unit study in favor of some more independance through the week and concluding the week with a Family Meeting. During the family meeting each child shared various things, which I will share in another post. This is the art project that we did on Fine Arts Friday (my own element of Family Meeting Friday;) ). I also tried to throw in a little composer study but my CD player is playing dead right now. So, I had to forego that and hope for next week.

This project was on lines. Skills with horizontal, vertical and horizontal lines. They were to divide their sheet into three sections that had to neither be equal nor even in any way. They all pretty much did it that way, though. I guess they get that from me. They then had to use each section to fill however they chose, using horizontal, vertical and horizontal lines. I thought they did a great job. Jenna even asked to do another round, which she did:)

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