Monday, August 23, 2010

Organization: My Monthly Menu

A few days before I read Erica's post at Confessions of a Homeschooler, I had the same thought! With school starting and so many other things to keep organized, I could not possibly think of adding another paperwork item to my list of to-do's. So, I decided to make a monthly menu and just repeat it. It already allows a few "new recipe" slots in there for variety. So, I hope it won't feel like we are having many repeats in a month. I try to make healthy , homemade meals. I also try to accommodate what my family likes and will eat. Some are healthier than others, I do concede. I am planning to create 4 shopping lists, one for each week of the month, and that way my master shopping list is done for me each week. That would feel great, no??
A few really quick notes: my husband works Tues-Sat so, our weekend is Sun/Mon. He loves to grill out on those days and he loves a burger! J Also, veggies vary, depending on season/availability but are served at nearly every meal. Breakfast and lunch are planned so that my children can either prepare themselves or with little supervision. Breakfasts don't really need a plan… and lunch sometimes revolves around leftovers, soup/sandwiches or other fairly light fare. Snacks are at around 3:30 and are something like cheese sticks, yogurt or peanut butter crackers. And I do very little on Sundays . SO, this is just my dinner menu.


Burgers on the grillSpaghetti
Breakfast night
Tuna Casserole
New RecipeChicken tetrazinni
Shake 'n' bake chicken
Hot dogs on the grillEnchiladas and Mexican sidesBeef tips in gravy/rice
Chicken pot pieChili
Beans n rice with cheese J
Sloppy joes

Burgers on the grillNew recipeStroganoff
Deli sandwiches or hot subCorn dogs and tater tots
(family request)
Taco nite
Grilled cheese tomato soupChicken kabobs over riceChili dogs sweet potato friesPork chops
(method varies)
Homemade bread
Whole roast chicken
Baked potatoes
Pepperoni rolls
Cubed steak w/ gravy


Salmon cakes
Salad or veggies
Pasta salad
New recipe

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