Monday, January 20, 2014

Five in a Row and Additional Subjects

Many moms who consider using FIAR for their students have one concern right out if the chute: Is it enough? The quick answer is No. However, it quickly becomes enough when you further evaluate how it can be used to deepen studies and spread across the subjects. For example, copy work can be related to any subject you choose. Further study on the geographic region , time period, etc., can offer enrichment. An artist from the time period could offer in depth art studies. Adding a biography of any person related to the scientific, historical or artistic areas related to the title is always a good idea to bring depth for older students. Also, a poet of the time period, a poem on one of your topics or created by the student can add language arts value. Words that the student encounters in any area of study can be used for vocabulary and/or spelling study keep this area practical and not
an added drudgery. Systematically, math is not taught. It is added in applied lessons. You may opt to expand the math lessons and allow that to stand for the student's math studies for the day, but a separate curricula is suggested. So, the in depth, detailed answer is YES🙌 FIAR is more than enough.

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