Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seasonal Traditions at Home

Here on the Presley homestead, we don't preach Santa but we do have fun with the idea of it as a "game."  We have a few traditions which are not centered around him but do not shy away, either. 

Each year we make homemade hot chocolate, cookies and snuggle up together to watch The Polar Express .  It's a favorite of the season.  Most ABCFamily and Hallmark channel movies keep us together in the evenings, too. 

Dana and Dylan worked together to make vanilla dipped gingersnaps and they were delicious!

Nate and Jenna worked to cut out traditional roll-out butter cookies with frosting.  They did well with cutting the shapes and keeping them from coming apart when transferring to the cookie sheet.
 A very, very cute helper :) 

Didn't these turn out beautifully?

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